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teflon sheet from ptfe ram extrusion machine

ptfe washer for ball valve

PTFE insulator

PTFE gasket for ball valve using

cylinder for ram extrusion machine

Cylinder for ram extruder

PTFE scrap granulator machine

PTFE scrap granulator machine

HX-151 automatic PTFE gasket sintering furnace machine(PTFE oven)

PTFE machine for molded ball valve ptfe gasket

PTFE flange gasket automatic hydraulic moulding machine

About Us

Deqing Hongxing machine factory supply ram extrusion machine for PTFE rod and PTFE Tube. PTFE extruder is very compactly built, the space requirement is less than two square meters. Frame, control system and hydraulic unit is formed as a solid unit.

The control system is equipped with a PLC and has a touch screem to programming of all necessary parameters.

Hongxing Machine factory provide equipments for PTFE rod and hose. The factory locate in Deqing county , zhejiang China. The main machine include: PTFE rod extruder, PTFE hose extruder, also some machine for recycle PTFE material, like PTFE washing machine, baking oven for wet PTFE raw material, milling power machine and mixing power machine ect. Also we can supply many kinds of moulds. Some Anisotropic PTFE material. We warmly welcome customer visit factory.(PTFE rod extruder, PTFE hose extruder, vertical machine for PTFE rod machine, horizontal machine for PTFE rod machine, cutting PTFE rod machine, cutting maching for PTFE rod, milling power machine for wet PTFE material, washing machine for recycle PTFE material, anisotropic PTFE, PTFE recycle machine,)