How to packing PTFE ram extrusion machine?

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Update time : 2021-08-01 01:21:17

Three safety tips when preparing for PTFE equipment transportation

PTFE equipment transportation is a serious task that's dangerous if not performed correctly. 

Important to make sure transportation does not damage the PTFE machine. Before you transport machinery, prepare it. You must load and secure it according to standard export packing

Preparation minimizes risks and increases the overall safety of everyone involved. Follow the five safety tips below to get PTFE equipment ready for transportation.

1.Calculate the load of the pallet, make sure it's can load PTFE machines.

2.Can easily use a Forklift to put the package inside the container.

3.PTFE machines need fully wrap film, to make sure outside wind is not inside the machine, and make the machine not rusty by sea salt.

PTFE bar extruder machin packing