how to make online training for PTFE molding machine?

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Update time : 2021-07-23 06:18:48

How to use the PTFE gasket molding machine? Many new customers want to invest in this kind of machine, they worried about the after-service. And how to use the PTFE moulding machine.

How can we make sure online training?
1. Need good technology for the machine. We have more than 5 years for aboard training and know most of the machine working, easy for us to solve it.
2. Need enough video or photo, make sure customer has problems, we can respond on time.
3. Also we have machines in mass production, we know how to make good products, and how to use the machine very well.

At present, we have support to many customers for online training. Due to the present situation. No need to worry about the after-service, always we are responding on time.