SGB670 Automatic PTFE molding machine
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PTFE automatic molding machine

PTFE automatic molding machine

Automatic PTFE powder molding machine
SGB670 Automatic PTFE molding machine

SGB-670 PTFE Gaskets Moulding Machine  which is advanced design, high precision, simple structure, convenient regulation, high non-stop feeding efficiency; weight error of pressing product is 5‰ which is more accurate than weighing of balance. It saves subsequent process. It will become finished product by sintering.
I. Adopt PLC solidification program, touch screen display, machining parameter regulation and one-button all-weather operation;
2.Use Mechanical principle, make the finish product more clean, and easy operate.
3. powder supply to the mold and throwing out the gasket form use air pressure to throw out the gasket from machine.
)main motor :1.5KW        range of speed : 750r/s-1500r/s
2)powder motor :0.25KW        speed :  1400r/min     
3)total power : 2KW
4) the stroke of bent axle :40mm       
5)max diameter : φ70mm
6)capacity: 30mm-70mm              
7)process thickness : 2mm-6mm
8)processing speed : 750pc /h-1500pcs/h        
9) the max pressure : 25T
10)net weight: 1000kg
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