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HX40 PTFE Rod Extrusion machine

PTFE Ram Extrusion machinery For PTFE Rod

HX40 Horizontal Ram extrusion machine for PTFE Rod or UHMW-PE Rod,

PTFe Ram extruder is applied to PTFE(MP:PTFE molding powder) and UHMW-PE

Suit for : Rould Rod, atypical rod,

1. Feed PTFE powder to PTFE Feeding spool
2.Feeding powder to the pallet.
3.With each feed, ram rod works like stamping to compress the material in the die.
multiple rods at once

PTFE Rod Ram Extrusion Machine

This PTFE ram extruder is able to extrude rod which dia from 4mm to 30mm. The automatic production line is controlled by computer, which is really easy to operate. Meanwhile, the teflon ram extrusion machine is advance designed, high output, low energy consumption, long-life, and also our professional engineer is available to offer overseas after sale service.

We can solve various problems to improve the equipment efficiency for you.
Technical Data

Description Model No. Machine model HX40
PTFE Rod  Extruder System
Suit for PTFE Rod diameter:4 – 22mm
Extrusion Rod number:4-18pcs
Suit for PTFE rod diameter:22-80
Extrusion Rod number:1pcs
 Hearting Zones: 3 – 7
 Pressure Plates: 2
 Capacity: 70 – 100KGS/24Hours
 Voltage: 380V/3PHASE/50Hz
 Motor Powder: 2.2KW
 Heater Powder: 9-15KW
 Raw Material: Virgin Molding PTFE Powder, Recycle PTFE
 Tolerance: +0.1 – 0.5mm
 Warranty: 12months
 Packaging & Delivery:
 Packaging Detail: Wooden Package for PTFE Rod Automatic Ram Extrusion Machine
 Delivery Detail: 60 Days For Ram extruder machine of PTFE Rod

PTFE Ram Extrusion machinery for PTFE Rod

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