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Hydraulic PTFE billet molding machine designed to making OD500mm, and length 1500mm billet. As design for two hydraulic molding machines. One machine working to perform the powder, one machine working for molding.
SY200T-Z800T PTFE billet molding machine: set Performing molding machine, with 200Ton pressure, working for feeding powder and perform for the billet. And the working distance around 3meter.
2.Main hydraulic molding machine, with 800Ton pressure, working distance around 0.9meter, open mouth 2.6meter~3meter
3.With three-set molds, one mold feeding powder and preform, another mould in molding area, then after molding billet ready, then preform mould ready for molding. No time waste for wait.
4.Production capacity: φ500mm *φ200mm*1500mm, One day according to 8 hours, finish around 2PCS
5.working for both virgin or filled PTFE powder


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