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PTFE sheet ram extrusion machine for 615mm widht and 5.2mm thickness, and use 100% recycle powder to process, one day according to 24 hours, can process around 30meters. Around 200KGS.

We use big tank for stock the powder, each time can load 100kgs powder inside, and though touch screen to control powder to feeding hopper, make sure long time working, always in same level. So make sure the density is keep the same.

With 3 heating zones, and PLC and touch screen for control, it’s practise to full automatic working.

teflon sheet ram extrusion ptfe sheet with 5mm

Main parameter for sheet ptfe ram extrusion machine

Motor power: 3KW

Pressure: 80Ton

Heating power: 24W-30KW

Total power: 30KW


Automatic feeding powder, and the length can be more than 10 meters

ptfe sheet with 615 width and 5.2mm thickness

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