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Sinteredfurnace machine with full automatic control: increase temperature, keep temperature and decrease temperature,full operation setting by touch screen. Can load more programma for different size.Wheels for easy move. Small window ca check inside product. After finish, can self stop.

PTFE Oven use 304 stainless steel panel to make it, and inside have excellent air blow system, make sure the temperature tolerance is less, and with rotation function, make sure product feel the temperature is the same.

Parameter for PTFE Oven:

1.working place size:1000*1000*1000mm
2.Machine measurement:1900*1500*2100mm
3.heating power: 17KW
4.blast power:0.75KW
5.Using temperature: Normal-450degree
6.inside construction: frame
7.rotatio plate material: stailnless steel
8.rotation plate size:600*600*50mm
9.rotation plate quantity: 10
10.rotation RPM:2r/m
11.Outside material:304 stainless steel
12.control system: touch screen to control it

PTFE gasket  and  bush sintered furnace oven machine

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