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Ram extrusion machine for extrusion PTFE sheet,  sheet width less than 615mm, and length more than 50 meters. Virgin PTFE or Recycle PTFE both can working.

PTFE ram extrusion sheet with different width and thickness

PTFE sheet for sell, with below size:

  1. 315×5  Tolerance for thickness is ﹢1mm
  2. 295×5  Tolerance for thickness is ﹢1mm
  3. 275×5  Tolerance for thickness is ﹢1mm
  4. 265×5  Tolerance for thickness is ﹢1mm
  5. 255×6  Tolerance for thickness is ﹢1mm
  6. 615×2 Tolerance for thickness is ﹢0.1mm

Length according to customer requirements.

#PTFE #Sheet can accept:

  1. First class recycle powder
  2. Second class recycle powder
  3. No grade recycle powder
  4. 100% virgin PTFE powder
  5. Mix Virgin and recycle powder

ram extruder machine for PTFE sheet

Samples will be available for customers.


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