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PTFE presser foot Molding machine

PTFE presser foot for sewing machine, Use PTFE molding machine to process it.

Working Step: PTFE raw material——PTFE molding machine—–PTFE furnace sintered Oven—–Polish Machine—-Dry it——Packing for sold.

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PTFE powder moulding machine:

  1. Suit for PTFE presser foot length: 5-40mm
  2. Suit for PTFE presser foot thickness: 2-12mm
  3. Tolerance of the thickness: ± 0.03-0.1mm
  4. Production capacity: 500-1000pcs/hour
  5. Additional equipment: chiller for cooling the PTFE powder
  6. Motor power: 1.5KW
  7. Suit for PTFE powder: free flow or Non free flow virgin powder or filled PTFE powder
  8. System: mechanical
  9. Pressure:5Ton

Advantage of PTFE powder molding machine:

  1. One person can take in charge 10-15set in one time
  2. Big barrel can load 10KGS one time
  3. Full cabinet for prevent the powder for pollution
  4. Tolerance for the thickness in one gasket keep in less tolerance
  5. Measurment:1200*900*1600mm
  6. One hour energy consumption:1.5kw
  7. Chiller for make the powder not blocking

PTFE molding machine also can make PTFE gasket for ball valve using, Electronic insulators etc.

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