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You can use the PTFE gasket molding machine for making gasket for ball valve using and also for flange gasket. Fully use the automatic function,  make fast production for PTFE gasket. Working for both free flow PTFE powder and non-free flow PTFE powder, and also for filled carbon or fiberglass or graphite or bronze, etc filled PTFE product.

PTFE molded machine for making PTFE gasket, PTFE seal, PTFE washer, PTFE flange gasket, and PTFE profile, etc products.  Use a hydraulic system to control the machine, automatic feeding powder, automatic molded, and automatic push the product out. Continues to press and make good output.

How is the PTFE machine working for PTFE gasket?

1.put the powder to the big hopper(can load 10KG powder one time), while mass production,  if small hopper lack of powder, the big hopper will feeding powder to small hopper automatic.

2.mould will go back to get the powder, use a servo motor to control the feeding powder to the mould, make sure each time, feeding powder weight almost the same.

3.PLC and hydraulic system working, while the up mould to press the powder to the gasket automatic.

4.continue working for making PTFE gasket

How to make correct PTFE gasket?

1.according to the drawing, calculate the weight of the PTFE gasket

2.according to the surface square meter, calculate the pressure of the PTFE gasket.

3.according to experience, make the thickness.

4.For the first time,  make samples for 10 pcs, check the different thicknesses and different weights, and different pressure.

5.Put in PTFE sinered oven for sinering.

6.Find the correct samples and make mass production.

Specification for PTFE gasket molded machine:

1.suit for the gasket OD:  50-150mm

2. suit for gasket thickness: 2-12mm

3.min wall thickness: >3mm

4.raw material: non-free flow PTFE powder, Free flow PTFE powder, Filled PTFE powder

5.Production capacity: 300-600pcs/hour

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