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You can use PTFE free flow powder working in this machine for insulator and profile products. As PTFE product’s wall thickness is a thick and different kind of sharp, make the PTFE powder, not easily fill in the mold. So while feeding the powder, the mold can shake, make powder inside smoothly.  Full automatic working and high production output with one worker can operation for 15 set machines in one shift.

 How to make PTFE insulator:

  1. Put the PTFE rod in the CNC machine to make according to the drawing.

  2. Use an automatic PTFE molding machine to make it. Always suggest use free flow powder, make sure less tolerance of the insulator.

Specification of the PTFE molding machine:

Model number: SY5T-GT40M

Suit for the Max length: 40mm

Suit for the thickness: 2-6mm

Production capacity: 800-1200pcs/hour

Tolerance of thickness: ±0.05~0.1mm

Tolerance of length: ±0.05~0.1mm

Working pressure: 5Ton

Suit for PTFE powder: free flow PTFE powder or Non-free flow PTFE powder, Filled bronze, or carbon or fiberglass PTFE powder.

Advantage of automatic PTFE machine for PTFE insulator:

Advantage of the machine:

  1. One person can take in charge of 10-15 set machines

  2. Less consumption, one hour only use 1-degree electricity

  3. Easy install and remove the mold

  4. Full cover prevent the powder pollution

  5. While reach set quantity, machine-self -stop

  6. Without powder, machine self-stop

  7. Less powder waste while mass production

  8. Inside has cooling system for powder

  9. Big hopper load 10KGS for powder

  10. PLC and touch screen control the machine

  11. Self stop while reach setting number

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