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Automatic PTFE bush moulding machine for making PTFE bush, PTFE tube, PTFE profile or PTFE rod, it’s working for free flow ptfe powder or filled free flow ptfe powder. Automatic feeding powder and self-molding in the mould.


Free flow PTFE molding machine, use hydraulic system to make the machine working, big hopper feeding the powder to small hopper, small hopper load half of powder, servo motor make small hopper moving to feeding the powder to the mould. Then hydraulic system working, make the mould working for press and holding and push the product out of the mould.

Specification for Free flow PTFE molding machine:

Motor power: 4KW


Bush OD:10-80mm


Process speed:30-120pcs/hour

Three cylinder for control up and down press

ptfe bush molding machine for free flow ptfe powder.jpg

Advantage of free flow ptfe powder moulding machine:

  1. use grating for control the mould size
  2. Automatic molding
  3. All data control in touch screen
  4. Full cover prevent the pollution of the powder
  5. Shaking function make the powder filled uniform
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