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Filled bronze PTFE bush, after finish moulding, we will put this filled bronze bush to normal sintering oven. But after sintered, the surface easy Oxidation and easy see some wrinkles, if use CNC machine to process the surface, need remove around 2mm thickness, then the surface will be ok.

Why the surface is oxidation, as the sintering section, inside have oxygen, and bronze and oxygen will have oxidize, so the surface is oxidation.

How to prevent this problem happen? It’s better use the sintering oven with the function for make sure sintering section no oxygen in side. So always we suggest use the sintering oven with one function for put the Nitrogen inside, make sure inside no oxygen.

After put the Nitrogen inside the oven, after sintered, the surface of the bush only remove 0.1-0.2mm wall thickness. It’s can reduce the production cost. And make high quality product.

Specification for Nitrogen sintering oven for bronze:

1.Use Nitrogen for rotation sintering oven

2.Working size:1000LX1000WX1000H(mm)

3.Temperature range: RT10~+450°C

4.Temperature uniformity:≤±2°C

5.Temperature Volatility:±2°C

6.heating zone:3 zones

7.Fan motor: 0.75kw(1pcs)

8.Plate RPM: 1r/min

9.Reduce motor power:1.1KW(1pcs)

  1. can setting different tempeature
  2. No window for watch

12.Inside use 1.5mm 304 stainless steel panel, outside use 1.5mm stainless steel panel

  1. Tray size: φ900 (3 tray)

14.One hole for Nitrogen

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