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Manul-PTFE molding machine for rod or tube

PTFE molding machine with semi-automatic

PTFE molding machine with semi-automatic, use three cylinders, only need feeding the powder to the mould, and self molding and self take the product out of the machine. It’s can reduce the worker to move the mould and get the product out.

PTFE powder moulding machine specification:

Model type: GT-S150A

Suit for the product OD:50-150mm

Minimum wall thickness: >5mm

Suit for the product Height: 20-150mm

Motor power: 1.5/2.2kw(two motor)

Up cylinder(OD:140mm):30Ton

Down cylinder(OD:100mm):15Ton + 15Ton

Suit for raw material: Non free flow PTFE powder,free flow PTFE powder and filled PTFE powder

Machine measurement: 1300L*900W*3000H(mm)


Work-flow: feeding powder (powder already check the weight) to the mould—–click the button for molding——get the product—– Reset the mould in the correct position— feeding powder to the mould—click the button for molding—get the product—Reset the mould in the correct position


Advantage of the PTFE powder moulding machine:

  1. Worker only need put the powder to the mould and take the product
  2. One worker can take in charge for 2 set machine
  3. Fast working, no need the time for release the air from the powder
  4. Less tolerance as each time the weight is the same
  5. Worker no need to take the goods from the mould, it’s self push the goods out of the mould
  6. Use touch screen for control it
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