How to make the PTFE tubing in good quality?
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PTFE tubing must work in clean room, and some place we need use AC to keep the resin in good quality. If want to make good quality PTFE tubing, we need find good raw material and good paste tube extrusion machine.

As we do as follow point:

  1. Raw material from big PTFE powder supplier, make sure good quality
  2. Raw material storage in AC clean room around 19-22°C
  3. Sieving powder and mixing powder with Isopa process in AC clean room, and people need wear the correct clothes
  4. PTFE powder mix Isopa tank put in AC clean room for few hours.
  5. Mixing machine mixing the PTFE powder and Isopa, then put this tank in Oven clean room, keep temperature around 40-60°C
  6. Preforming the billet in clean room
  7. Extrusion the tube in clean room
  8. PTFE tubing for inspection the tolerance and leakage
  9. PTFE tubing for packing and ship
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