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How to make the PTFE tubing in good quality? - 28.05.2020

PTFE tubing must work in clean room, and some place we need use AC to keep the resin in good quality. If want to make good quality PTFE tubing, we need find good raw material and good paste tube extrusion machine. As we do as follow point: Raw material from big PTFE powder supplier, make […]

How to prevent the filled bronze PTFE bush is Oxidation? - 25.05.2020

Filled bronze PTFE bush, after finish moulding, we will put this filled bronze bush to normal sintering oven. But after sintered, the surface easy Oxidation and easy see some wrinkles, if use CNC machine to process the surface, need remove around 2mm thickness, then the surface will be ok. Why the surface is oxidation, as […]

How to choose the right machine for PTFE bush - 20.05.2020

Today one customer ask the question what’s the different for both machine for making same bush, like the size : OD100mm * ID25mm*T 150mm, check the product pressure around 25Ton, so both machine can working for this bush. Making PTFE bush, how to select the machine: At present making PTFE bush, we provide semi-automatic bush […]

PTFE corrugated tubing - 05.05.2020

PTFE corrugated tubing with different kind of type, it’s can use stainless steel wire to wrap it for enhance the pressure, can use different flange or fittings for connection. Also can use stainless steel wire to braiding the surface to enhance the pressure, then connect to different fittings for connection. All will be make according to […]

How to put different PTFE gasket in the PTFE sintered furnace oven? - 27.04.2020

How to put different PTFE gasket in the oven?How to put more gasket in the tray? What we know, we all share to our customers. .  

φ200mm PTFE rod ram extrusion machine with PLC control - 21.04.2020

φ200mm PTFE rod ram extrusion machine with PLC control, it’s can working in both virgin or recycle PTFE powder, ram extruder working for 24 hours, and self feeding powder and water channel to cool the powder. Horizontal ram extrusion machine working for the PTFE rod size from φ170mm, φ180mm, φ190mm, φ200mm. It’s can working both […]

PTFE rod cutting machine with good surface - 18.04.2020

This kind of PTFE cutting machine is design for PTFE rod cutting, make sure the surface no bur, and easy moveable. One set in workshop can working for 20 set PTFE rod cutting machine. Only make sure the rod size less than φ160mm. Easy opearation and movable. Make the working more easy.

hydraulic PTFE rod ram extrusion machine for test in Aboard - 15.04.2020

Test in Aboard in 2019 Today tidy photo for 2019 year training aboard. So happy to see many PTFE rod ram extrusion machine install in aboard, and working very well.

Hydraulic automatic PTFE rod ram extrusion machine for packing - 13.04.2020

New PTFE rod ram extrusion machine is ready for ship, check the packing from our colleagues. It’s doing really good.   Use film to wrap it, make sure no wind inside the machine, use pallet, make sure easy load and unload.   Good job for our colleagues.