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PTFE gasket molding machine

GMP-500L PTFE gasket molding ¬†machine PTFE automatic molding machine for PTFE gaskets, PTFE seals, PTFE washers Machine Model: GMP500L Suit for raw material: PTFE molding powder, PTFE suspension grade powder, Teflon molding powder fine cut, Teflon molding powder medium particle …

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HX-600 PTFE Gasket Sintered Furnace Machine

  HX-600 SINTERED FURNACE MACHINE FOR PTFE GASKET Sinteredfurnace machine with full automatic control: increase temperature, keep temperature and decrease temperature,full operation setting by touch screen. Can load more programma for different size. Wheels for easy move. Small window ca …

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Automatc vertical PTFE ram extrusion machine for tube

Automatc vertical PTFE ram extrusion machine for tube Hongxing company with many years research experience in area of PTFE machinery, provide PTFE bar extruder machine. Our PTFE bar machine not only at home, but also abroad to obtain a very …

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